Karate Pics

by longtallyarn


One of my friends remarked to me that age 5 was a big developmental year for kids; she is right.  This year we have recovered our ability to go places and do things.*  So while I still can’t take them to the knitting meetup, we have filled our schedule with other stuff.

The boys are currently taking kids karate, a seriously kinetic hour twice weekly where the boys run, jump, work on their balance, kick and punch (targets that look like pillows).  The boys love their karate class for all the above reasons; I have determined to drop it or take some time off.  Happily the 6 week karate trial offer will end in a couple weeks.  These 2-3 hours per week that we spend in class and transit have overbooked this introvert.

Anyway, they got a uniform with their karate introductory trial offer.  So that’s the photo outside their class.

Here are some additional photos taken by my lovely neighbor who watches over the boys for us sometimes.  She asked them to show her some martial arts moves 🙂




*BONUS PARENTING MATERIAL: I’m now going to share an important parenting technique that my spouse has developed to help with the most troublesome part of going anywhere with kids (Getting back in the car to go home).  This technique is called “The last one to the car is a rotten egg.”  Use of this technique has transformed the part of the outting that used to mean transporting two whining, crying children away from the playground all the way back to the car.  It was exhausting and demoralizing and kept us home a lot of Saturdays while I waited for the boys to act more mature.  Due to Oso’s new technique, all I have to do is quietly speak those magic words.  Then the hardest part is hurry to keep up with the children who have willingly abandoned any enrapturing activity to race to the car.  The competitive nature has been harnessed.  It works so well I sometimes feel guilty.