How does that happen?

by longtallyarn

My sons, age 4.5, are starting to ask important life-span questions.  They want to know how long they will live, relative to how long they have already lived.  They need help to put things in perspective.  They want to know the ages of certain people in their lives.  They want to know about stages of life.  They want to know about babies…  They especially want details of their own infancy.  (Mostly crying from what I remember).  I’ve been able to cleverly dodge the biology questions so far, and I don’t mind the philosophical ones so much.

Last weekend, I fielded a series of questions that went like this.

Twin B: “How old will I be when I have a baby?”

Mom: “Well, at least 25.” (I get to answer these questions in the way I want to.  I’m the mom, remember?).  “When you are at least 25 you will probably meet a woman that you really really love and the two of you will decide to marry.  After you are married, the two of you can have a baby.”

Twin B:  “I will have a baby with a woman?”

Mom:  “Yes, it takes both a man and a woman to have a baby.”

Then I named some couples in my family who have had children.

  • “Mommy and Daddy have you and Twin A.
  • “Mimi and Pawpaw had Mommy, Aunt Mommy’s-Sister, and Uncle Mommy’s-Brother.
  • “Uncle Mommy’s-Brother and Aunt Athlete have Matthew, Mark, and Moses.

Twin B:  “But Matthew, Mark, and Moses are all different ages.  How does that happen?”

Mom:  “Well, that’s the usual way of it.  Most parents have one baby at a time, then later another, and maybe another after that.  Not all parents are blessed with twins.”

That’s the last question about that for the evening.  I guess that was enough to think about.  But who knows which questions tomorrow will bring.*


*Two days later

Twin A:  “When we were babies in your belly, how did we get out?  Did you spit us out of your mouth?”

Mom:  “I wish.”