by longtallyarn

I’m in the mood to share a few pics today.  I realize I have been really remiss on pics of the boys.  I just don’t get the camera out very often.  And when I do the results are tentative.  But my friend and neighbor, who has a special bond with my children, is a great photographer and she makes each gift of babysitting into a photoshoot.  I am so thankful!

These are portraits she did last summer.

Twin A is going to blow bubbles and Twin B is going to throw the ball.  Weren’t they cuties?

They still are.  See below for the Mother’s Day photos she took while Oso and I went out for a date yesterday.

boys on bench moday 16

I could have dressed them better, but I wasn’t expecting pics!

boys on swing moday 16

boys on bench2 moday 16

She said she had to be stern to get photograph cooperation.  I know them pretty well and I bet she did.  This one captures the mischief dynamic pretty well.