Pig Man

by longtallyarn

After their semi-nightly bath, I witnessed an unusual conversation between my kids.  Four-year-olds are known to have abstract conversations, but this was pretty out of the ordinary even for mine.

They were discussing what they would eat for snack that night.  Twin B wanted to eat pig man.  A knew what he was talking about because he said he wanted pig man with no peanut butter in his nose.  B said he didn’t know how it would stick together with no peanut butter.  After a little more conversation they resolved this and decided to have pig man with no peanut butter.

It felt like a moment from another dimension so I later asked my spouse if he knew the meaning of pig man.

His response was “Pig man is when I quadruple stack round crackers with peanut butter inside of them, put it in the middle of a little plate, and then take apple slivers to make the eyes and mouth.”

Sounds pretty good to me.  I think I’ll take a pig man as my snack too.