The Gluten Free Minority

by longtallyarn

“Mom, Mom! Come with me! Look at this! I want to show you something!”

My 3.5 year old son took my hand and led me to the pantry. He reached down to point to the bottom shelf and said “Look, mom. Your favorite!”

There, on the bottom shelf of the pantry, a box of uncooked gluten free pasta. His father had taken the boys grocery shopping the day before and they had later helped him put everything away.

I have been gluten free for so long I can hardly remember why I quit eating wheat. (OK, I can remember it well enough to keep from starting to eat it again, but just barely).

My sons have been trying to understand this for a while. They have postulated theories like “Boys yike fwackers (like crackers) and girls don’t yike fwackers.” They understand very well that some people don’t like certain things. I’m sure I explained that some girls like crackers but mommy doesn’t.

I hope they never have to go gluten free themselves but eventually we will talk about food intolerance and dietary restrictions. For now it’s enough that somebody bought me my favorite.

“I really do like those noodles. Thank you for showing me where they are!”