Twos: Terrible and wonderful

by longtallyarn

In my field there is a saying that you shouldn’t flush anything down a drain to the sewer except the three P’s:  Pee, poop, and paper. 

In my own home this weekend there were two infractions of that rule.  On Saturday, sensing his parents needed some excitement, Twin A somehow obtained his father’s razor and removed the detachable blade and dropped it down the sink.  My spouse was able to remove the trap under the sink and retreive it.  I told both boys not to put things into the drain or into the toilet.  (And of course, “Never, never, never play with your dad’s razor.”) 

The next day I came up from the laundry room and, as always, made a priority of checking to see what they boys were up to.  One was playing quietly.  Well, both were playing quietly but only Twin A was playing quietly with the toys that we have issued to them.  The other was in the bathroom with the door closed.  Oddly, the bathroom is a popular hang-out even though the twins are not yet potty trained.  I found that Twin B had not comprehended the public service announcement about pee, poop, and paper.  Or maybe he had been inspired by it.  He was attempting to flush the handsoap dispenser, normally kept on the bathroom sink, down the toilet.  I fished it out and washed it.  I also inventoried the bathroom to see if anything was missing.  I am so glad the handsoap dispenser was too large to turn the corner and go down the pipe.

In a sweeter moment we had a discussion about friendship.  Twin B told me that Twin A was his friend.  Twin A, overhearing, remarked  that Twin B was his friend.  We haven’t talked about friendship, that I recall, but recently they have started saying that they love each other, mommy, daddy, the cat, etc.  I remarked that many of mommy’s friends live far away and they are lucky to have their friends living so close to them.  Twin B then pointed out that he had a friend who lived far away:  Aunt Katie.  I said, “Yes, I guess you do have friends that live far away, like Aunt Katie… and Caleb.”  Then he said “Mimi too,” his name for his Grammy.  It is difficult when we are separated from the ones we love, and we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas when we will get to see our family, who are also, thankfully, our friends.

Finally, in one of the best moments of the weekend I sat down with the boys to sing some songs from a book we have.  They like looking at the pictures that go along with the songs.  After a few tunes, Twin A fell asleep on my lap.  Another two songs and Twin B fell asleep on my lap too.  “Oh, well, I guess I will be stuck here for a while.  They are getting pretty heavy but they are so warm…  I think I could take a nap too.”  And I did.