My 9-11 Preps

by longtallyarn

Whatever tickles your fight or flight response, from race riots with looting to viral contagions, there has been something in the news in the last month to make you nervous. Is there a better time to work on your preps? Is the preparation of a bug-out bag too paranoid? I think of the people of Pompeii, who because of becoming adjusted to the warning signs around them did not bug out soon enough. “Well, I have to go to work tomorrow… sure there’s soot in the air and tremors under my feet but I have responsibilities.” Finally it was too late for many of them to leave.

I don’t know what the tipping point would be for us. Public utilities employees are expected to report to work in times of disaster to keep the city operational unless it is at personal risk to their families. I run over contingencies in my mind sometimes in which I live at the office until an Ebola outbreak passes by. (Yikes! I guess I need to set up some preps at work too!) And I have told my husband that if our local reactor melts down he should take the kids and head up to WV without waiting for me to get home. We have tentative plans to rendezvous at a Walmart in Winston-Salem.

Anyway, I have talked a long time about setting up some preps in the house for a potential hurricane that crashes the local power grid/water grid/grocery grid/highway system. There is never a fun time to think about what canned goods you would like to eat if you couldn’t leave the house for a couple weeks and we have put off the actual stockpiling. Also, preps take up space and we were living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen.

Now we have a basement and with the anniversary of 9-11 around the corner and several terrorist groups simmering away on the other side of the globe I have decided the stars are perfectly aligned to start gathering our preps.

There are two kinds of preps we are making.  Hunker-down preps allow you to ride out the natural disaster on your own turf.  Bug-out preps allow you to go out the door at a moment’s notice and fight the other traffic trying to evacuate the hot zone.  I started packing my bug-out-bag. I began by adding some medical supplies and a few clothing items I think are practical and I wouldn’t miss from the weekly clothing rotation. I intend to add a lighter and some fire starting equipment, maybe a knife or multitool, some water, and a few more food items, a flashlight, etc. Here is an article I enjoyed about preparing a basic 72-hour emergency kit.

For our hunker down preps we started by purchasing a few extra cans of food to stash in the basement. I also put a couple cans of propane and bottles of bleach on the preps shelf. It’s very basic and of course I keep thinking of things I should add.  I’m going to buy some batteries.  I have attempted to make a Zeer cooler for my meds but it’s still in trial because I don’t know if the evaporative cooling mechanism will work in the humid region of the country in which I live.

Before Thursday we are going to make sure our prescriptions and our gas tanks are filled.  It can’t hurt to be a little more prepared and it might help a lot.  Please consider doing the same.