resident artists

by longtallyarn

As you may know, we moved into our new house in April.  What you may not know is that we house a small but prolific colony of artists.  I am pleased to announce that they are allowing us to exhibit their work, in a small, informal gallery in our central hall and in several installations throughout the home.  As many of their fans are unable to attend an open house due to time constraints and the price of gas I am going to present a few of the better works in this forum.  Here is a virtual tour of the gallery, keep in mind that this is but a small sampling of their work.


Pencil.  This is the signature style of the art school.  This exhibit is entitled Bird of Prey.  The casual yet precise strokes exemplify the works of this modern youth artistic movement.



Mixed media–Ink and Magic Marker.  Leaves of Grass exemplifies the speed at which these artists produce their work.  While it is inarguably skillfully rendered, the discerning eye can see that the artist produced this one in a flash.  Probably with intent of avoiding the attention of onlookers.  It was, I believe, their second artistic endeavor of this scale.



Crayon.  This masterpiece was installed in the stairwell.  I call it Eli’s Comet.  While other masterpieces were placed around knee level for the average adult, the strategic placement of this piece allows it to be seen at eye-level by guests as they traverse the stairs to our upstairs bedroom.  The artist(s?) used bold strokes to compensate for the low lighting available in this locale at most times of the day.



Acryllic.  This one is a work of epic proportions, created the week after we moved in to our home with the new carpets.  I call it Summer Solstice.  Note the careful color placement of these warm hues.  This exhibit is a permanent installation on the floor of our bedroom.

The works produced by our guest artists are accessible and appreciable.  We welcome feedback and, of course, the artists will do commissioned work and sign autographs upon request.  Upon making appropriate arrangements, guests may visit our exhibit through the end the year when it will close for the holidays.