It is Friday: A week in review

by longtallyarn

Life goes on at the Gornick house. It rushes along at a quick pace, and we sometimes can’t seem to keep up with it…

OK, to catch you up I have to start with last week. Our older car died on Wednesday in downtown Raleigh and Oso limped it to a park where he was told he had until 6 pm the next night to remove it from the parking lot or they would tow it. We did a cost benefit analysis and decided that it might not be worth what it might cost to fix it. It was a pretty hypothetical discussion since Oso is not a car guy and neither am I. My version of the hypothetical math prevailed and he put an ad on Craigslist and sold it Thursday evening for $300.

On Friday we took a whirlwind trip up north for my cousin’s wedding. You might say it was a very private ceremony as heavy rains on the roof of the venue prevented the guests from hearing a good portion of it. We witnessed their first kiss (at the altar!) which was very romantic and then the rains cleared in time for a lovely reception and some great pictures. Bethie looked more beautiful than usual and her groom seems like a wonderful guy who will fit right in to her life. He also seems to be a strong individual so I feel good about his chances of weathering life with her clan, particularly her many brothers 😉

We started this week out by arriving back in our city on Sunday night and starting to shop for a new vehicle. The routine was that Oso went out looking at trucks when I arrived home to care for the twins.

On Wednesday he found a little red Sonoma, with 165,000 miles, for $2000. so far we are pleased with it as a work vehicle and it will help us to realize our gardening plans. We are going to get some mulch to widen the paths the mower can make. If we mulch around the mail box, for example, one pass will be enough. No more trimming will be needed.

Speaking of the garden, I used google to find out what was eating the leaves off my baby fruit tree–probably beetles, but I couldn’t see any sign of them. The next day, so many leaves had been devoured that I investigated further and read that May beetles come out at night and you can pick them off easily. After dark I went out to see what I could do and saw that they were large, dark colored critters, somewhere between the size of a Japanese beetle and a June bug. They kept munching obliviously on the leaves as I went around with my flashlight and picked off all their neighbors and put them in a jar. I sense a lesson somewhere in that last sentence, but I won’t elaborate except to say that eventually I got them all. I didn’t want to dump them out on the driveway and step on them so I took the jar to my coworker to let his chickens do my dirty work.

Now comes the weekend. The weather is going to be beautiful and I am looking forward to some time with my little guys and my big guy.