My Aaron

by longtallyarn

IMG_5057In the life of a twin there are many trials and also opportunities to share the spotlight, whether you want to or not… Aaron experiences the ups and downs of life with great emotion. He experiences the heights of joy and laughter and also the depths of despair. All in a typical day. He seems to feel the emotional roller coaster of a toddler’s life much more deeply than his brother.  Every joke is met with mirthful and contageous laughter (if the mood is right), and every owwie is met with a bucket of tears.

My Aaron came into the world early because of his brother’s gestational difficulties. He was growing well and was large for his age. By eight weeks prior to his due date he had moved into the proper position to go out and meet the world. Then early one Tuesday, without any warning, he was out in the cold, dry air quite a bit earlier than he had planned! Maybe on some level he feels we were cheated of those last few weeks we were supposed to spend together.

He hates being “dropped off” and starts clinging as soon as he senses a transition may be in the air. He is shy about meeting new people and likes to keep them at arms’ length initially. He gets this from his mother—I am slow to warm up to people too. It is an irony that we share—slow to warm up but with quality time and conversation as our primary love languages. Aaron and I really value our one -on-one time with our friends.

We have a strong bond. As a first-born lefty, during my pregnancy I felt an extra connection with the twin on my left side, the one at the bottom who would be the first-born.

Aaron loves me too, and seems to prefer my company over his dad’s. Whenever he can, he sits on my lap and we exchange a lot of hugs. I try to take a few minutes every day to spend with just him, in fact, my son insists on this: We sit together for a little while as soon as I get home from work and get cleaned up. Actually, I try to spend a little individual time with both my sons but he is the one who seems to notice and appreciate it. He sits with me and I ask him about his day and tell him a little about mine. He looks into my eyes and smiles and his countenance just shines.

His smile really does light up a room. His laugh is melodic and he has a gift for singing. He has a clear, pleasant voice in the soprano range. He sings a number of songs. There are about 5 that he is really confident with, and sometimes he makes them into medleys, singing a phrase this one and a phrase from that one.

Actually, he hums. His speaking is delayed and he only has one word besides Momma and Daddy that he regularly uses. However he possesses a high level of relational intelligence and strong nonverbal communication skills.

His character shows patience and persistence. In a miracle of genetic recombination, he seems to be a bit tech savvy. Maybe I should say if it persists it is a miracle of God because he didn’t inherit this from his father or from me.

He likes pushing buttons and seems to have a sixth sense about electronics. I suppose a lot of kids who grow up with smart screens are like this, but I believe he has an extra intuition for figuring out how things work. Often he can be seen looking at something with a little frown between his eyebrows, making sense of it.

He was the big twin for a long time and was also the first to walk. He is still a little taller than his brother and is slim, with brown eyes and brown curly hair. I do the haircuts around the house and we decided to try a new style in which I leave it longer on top so it curls instead of looking fuzzy. It’s gotten rave reviews (Okay, it’s gotten a couple compliments, including one that mentioned his “fake mohawk” but I really like it this way). He likes pushing around a little toy lawnmower and a dump truck. Of our dump truck fleet, he only likes the biggest dump truck and is constantly under pressure from his brother who likes it too. Maybe you have already guessed his one strong word, it’s very useful in his situation. It is “no-no.” He likes rice cakes and all manner of carbohydrates. He loves phones. He likes flushing the toilet and pouring water out of the bathtub.

He tends to be on the cautious side but also will step outside the lines. He has had a black eye twice.  He is the brother who was discovered under the changing table when they tipped it over by climbing up the dresser drawers. He is also the one who fell in the fish pond at the arboretum. And when we got him out? My cold, soaking wet boy wanted a big hug from his mom.