Being Twins Photo Essay

by longtallyarn

In response to a request from an unbiased reader (Grammy, I know who you are) I bring you a few pics from Chez Twin Toddler. 


This is twin B pushing Twin A on the little car.

Note that they are about to outgrow the little car.

We left it behind for another baby to enjoy when we recently moved, so regrettably  this will be the last you see of the little car.  

The main issue was that it would go pretty fast when propelled from the rear but the steering was sluggish (maybe by design to prevent tipping) and it was prone to running off the end of the concrete pad when directed by an inexperience driver and powered by an enthusiastic pusher.



This was an attempt at a family photo.  It’s not that I love Twin B more.  It’s just that Twin A would not stay put.  Now that I have enlarged the photo I see that I am the only one smiling.  This is why we don’t take many family photos.

The picture was taken by Oso at the Arboretum minutes before the fateful event where Twin A plunged into the cold water of the fish pond. 

Since we didn’t have a change of clothes that ended our photography session. 




This photo was taken on a beautiful afternoon last month.  Here you can see the twins engaged in one of their favorite activites.  Twin A has the big dump truck like usual, and Twin B has the smaller dump truck.  He is easy to please. 

Finally, here is one of my favorite shots.  It was taken a couple months ago, in our old apartment, and shows my 3 guys together having fun.