Pickle pie and other things my toddlers say

by longtallyarn

One of my guys, Twin A, is still very quiet.  Well, not quiet exactly, just not very wordy.  His talking is delayed.  He is more than 2 years old and doesn’t say many consonants yet.  It’s a trial for him because he is so stinking specific in his wants and needs and he can’t do anything except point and whine until someone figures it out.  (It’s actually a trial for me too.) 

Thankfully, he is full of song.  For a couple months he has sung “Twinkle twinkle little star,” that classic melody by Haydn used in many childrens’ songs.  He most often voices it as “ehh ehh ehh ehh ehh ehh ehhhhh,” taking a breath between each note.  He occasionally sings it in a minor key.  He sings this one all the time!  Sometimes he even sings it in the car while his dad and I are listening to another song on the radio. 

Recently he has diversified his repertoire and begun to sing “Three blind mice” and “This old man, he played one.”  He also sings something like “Jesus loves me.”  We don’t sing these songs around the house very often so I think he learned them from his electronic toys.

Often we listen to a CD that is geared toward delayed talkers.  A favorite song pairs the words “Puppy, puppy, puppy, I love my puppy” with a compelling melody that gets stuck in everyone’s head.  He has expanded his sound repertoire and sings this one with two sounds.  “Uh eeh, uh eeh, uh eeh, uh, eeh.”  P is one consonant he can make so we are just one step away from a real word in this song. 

Twin B is starting to babble more and more and do a good bit of mimicking.  I keep thinking we’re going to hear him really talking soon.  His dad tells them “Say ‘I do’ if you want to get in your chair for a snack!” and he answers “I do!”  He can copy short phrases very well when he is in the mood.  He is not nearly as interested in singing as his brother but lately sometimes the puppy song gets in his head too.  He sings (it might be more accurate to say he yells) “Puppy puppy puppy” with the P sound. 

Twin B has two favorite nonsense phrases:  “Diggaliggadiggaliggadiggaligga” is the first.  He says it faster and faster as a tongue twister until he gets all tied up.  The other, my personal favorite, is “Pickle pie! PICKLE pickle pie!  Pickle pickle pickle PIIIIEEE!” yelled louder and louder as he becomes more excited.  Somebody make that boy a squash casserole.