Growing into Maturity

by longtallyarn

My toddlers are beginning to develop an appreciation for some of the same things their mother likes.  As evidence of their maturity, I cite their new desire for a sparkling clean high chair tray.  Where once they preferred a gooey mess that could be artistically manipulated and spread around, they now prefer to keep their dining area clean and tidy.  When I can achieve it, I like neat and orderly surroundings, too, particularly in the kitchen.  So I can sympathize with their yearning to fling things they are not going to eat into the abyss of the kitchen floor, never to be seen again.  Well, never to be seen again until their dad deposits them alongside the rejected item and demands that they pick it up.  (He just doesn’t understand us.)

They also prefer a long hot bath.  Whereas I enjoy its relaxing effects they enjoy its recreational potential.  Their dad says that if the water is warm enough it makes them lethargic.  Truth be told, I only enjoy a bath that is hot enough to make me lethargic.  My toddlers, however, prefer to stay in the tub until the water becomes refreshingly cool and invigorating.  I will admit that they enjoy the ensuing excitement and chaos much more than I do.    

Another thing we all enjoy is when I sit with a good book on my lap, a cup of tea in one hand and a cookie in the other.  I’ve noticed recently that my toddlers also enjoy a good book, a cup of tea, and a cookie, although not necessarily in that order.  An adult sitting in the living room enjoying those things will be assaulted joined by very interested companions who first want to climb up in her lap to have a close look at the book, an even closer look at the cookie, and in the process a damp and messy experience with the tea.  “Ouch!  Get down!  You’re wrinkling mom’s book!  Quit!  You’re gonna make me spill this tea!  That’s my cookie, turn loose of it! You’re making a mess!  Take your mouth off that cookie!  Do you want to take a nap?!”  OK, so maybe they like the good book and the hot tea only if it’s accompanied by the cookie…

Some joys they share with their dad are

All kinds of tools

Sorting items and cleaning the house

Buttons, lights, switches, beeps, and high tech stuff

Being outdoors

Checking out cars

Playing with legos

Hopping from chair to chair and landing on the couch (OK, OK, only the toddlers enjoy that one).