Vacation in review

by longtallyarn

We had a great time on our September vacation to Myrtle Beach.  I like sand, sun, and salt, but I don’t love them.  I was most anticipating the time we would share with my parents, siblings, sister-in-law (who did a fantastic job organizing the trip), and nephews.  I was knew my toddlers would be thrilled to get to know Aunt Katie and the others a little better and I was hoping they would enjoy playing in the sand and swimming in the pool. 

Oso and I encountered a lot of challenges centered around our vacation:  One that almost kept us home was a bed bug infestation in our apartment building.   Our home has since been checked and pronounced clean, but the thought of spreading them around caused us to take some real precautions and almost kept us from traveling.  Another challenge was car problems with both our vehicles that cropped up during the week before we left.  And the challenges continued once we left the house: another minor car issue discovered along the way and poorly written directions or failure to slow down to read the road signs.  Oso breaking a tooth halfway through the vacation rounded out our problems for the week.

Now allow me to describe the joys of the trip.

Seeing the Moon.  First among the highlights is that Twin A saw the moon.  We haven’t taken our children out at night very often.  For one thing, it has been summer for a while and they have been going to bed before the moon rises.  Now that it is darkening earlier, the mosquitos still drive us indoors before the moon comes up.  And our apartment, along with most residential areas in Raleigh, is overshadowed by a tree canopy.  While we were at the beach, we were delighted by the sight of the moon rising out over the ocean, and becoming visible at dusk.  My son spotted it during a walk along the beach and spent a long time with his dad out by the ocean gazing at the moon, pointing at it, and expressing displeasure when it was covered by clouds.  Each night he looked for and found it, and sometimes seemed to be searching for it in its cusomary place during the day.  What a joy to watch his awareness of the natural world unfolding.

Community life.  I sometimes watch hispanic families with envy as more than a dozen people, all somehow related, pile out of separate cars and into a restaurant.  Cousins, grandparents, in-laws, etc.  I lived in community with my extended family while growing up but now I live hours away and electronic communication only goes so far.  Thus, I enjoyed getting reaquainted with my family a bit.  I liked knitting, talking, and cooking with my sister.  I accepted all baby sitting offers.  I enjoyed preparing a lasagna meal for the whole group.  It was great to have so many of the people I love in one place. 

Bedazzling.  I had a great time making beaded jewelry with my mom and sis and I hope we get to do this again.  Soon after arrival, I spotted this bead store across the road from our house.  We went over there one afternoon and each picked out some beads that we liked.  Heather, the owner, helped us some with planning our neclaces and as we finished stringing the beads she added a clasp to each strand.  I think my sister’s creation turned out the best, but they were all pretty and made a fun souvenir.  Maybe next time we go I will take one of the many classes offered by Beach Beands because it looks like there is more fun to be had.   

Riding the Waves.  Perhaps the person who had the most fun at the beach was Twin B.  He enjoys excitement, adventure, risk taking, narrow escapes, and all the swashbuckling that the ocean has to offer.  He liked playing in the sand a lot more than his brother, who was hesitant to get his feet dirty, but whenever he had a chance he would make a beeline for the water.  He ventured out into the ocean with his Aunt Katie and his dad several times.  Once, on the calmest day immaginable, I joined the group swimming in the ocean and we bobbed on the waves together.  The only big wave we saw in half an hour washed over us.  When we surfaced he wasn’t even coughing although we were both rubbing our eyes a bit.  He smacked the side of his face a couple times to show me what happened.  I said “That wave slapped you around a little didn’t it?”  He was not discouraged with his pursuit of adventure, though, and happily stayed out swimming until the sun got strong enough to chase us indoors. 

We all had an enjoyable time and hope to go back again next year.