Raleigh mom and two toddlers seek friendship and playdates

by longtallyarn

Hi, Craigslist, we are a family of four.  Twin toddlers, 20 months, me, and my husband.  We have lived in Raleigh for over four years but haven’t formed many close friends for some reason.  Actually, I have some idea as to the reason.  I work full time, then there was that pregnancy, and now we have two boys that keep us out of circulation.
Our apartment has a little yard that requires close watching but our apartment is pretty well baby-proofed and we would be delighted to have you over for indoor/outdoor time.  I would also enjoy the opportunity to meet up with another mom to take a walk or enjoy a couple hours at the park.  If our kids get along and we have similar philosophies it would be nice to occasionally exchange baby sitting : )  I have a good bit of free time on the weekends although our weekday evenings tend to be busy.
A little more about us?
I like crafts when I get a chance to work on them, I knit a lot and and sew a little.  I like walking, riding my bicycle, reading books, trying new recipes, and writing.  I like plants a lot but I don’t see myself as a gardener in this climate because it is too hot and buggy for me.  Maybe we could go to the arboretum, the farmers’ market, or Historic Oak View sometime to enjoy someone else’s hard work.  I like music and still remember how to play piano and mandolin.  I sometimes enjoy thrift store shopping.
My husband is the stay at home dad.  He is a creative, artsy sort and he has our front yard looking like a gypsy campground even though we live in an apartment complex.  He is great with the kids.  He is active with his community drum circle.
The boys are toddlers, getting around quite well, but not speaking much.  They like climbing, reading books, pushing buttons, looking inside of cabinets, and destroying block towers.  So far they don’t mind sharing and we have not had any hitting or biting episodes, but they haven’t reached 2 yet.  They will consent to short walks in the wagon and they particularly like going swimming.  They are getting really fast on their feet.  They like to meet new people but sometimes are shy.
We’ve realized it’s hard to get out with twins but we are hoping to do better; it’s the reason I’m writing this ad.  I’m a protective mother but try not to be over-protective (it’s difficult because they are my only kids and this parenting thing is new to me.)  We like to do free things and wear hand-me-downs, and our toddlers don’t mind this at all.   We have had trouble getting on a schedule but we are doing better with that.  We try to choose healthier food, watch less TV, and always be careful on the steps.  If it sounds like we would make a good fit for playing and hangin out, send me an email.