Finally, Some Photos

by longtallyarn

Mom found the camera cord so we can now show you what we have been up to:


A couple months ago we had a birthday, with spaghetti squash and meatballs.  It was grand.


Aunt Katie decorated these beauties for the guests.  If you think mom lets us eat marshmallows, think again.  She’s militant about stuff like that.


Our cakes were still good though.

DSCN4357Like nothing we had ever experienced.


We are hooked.


We also like to eat dirt and leaves sometimes.

DSCN4323Even so, we’ve been keeping squeaky clean and still finding time for a little silliness.

DSCN4369This was puzzling for us too, but we can explain.  Mom’s good friend made us kimonos to celebrate our birth.  Mom was afraid we’d grow out of them before the warm weather arrived, so we said we would try them on in the middle of the winter as long as we didn’t have to go outside for the photos.

DSCN4415Most recently, we’ve been helping dad with his new side business–building lawn furniture out of recycled lumber.  It’s ecologically friendly, but since we get most of our materials from Craigslist supply depends on availability.  They’re very sturdy.  If you want to purchase one, let us know and we’ll put a word in for you, so to speak.