by longtallyarn

Blog Admin

It’s time for what has become the monthly blog update.  First off, when you only get on WordPress once or twice a month you find that every time you log on there is a different path to access your dashboard and compose a post.  Today, the dashboard was located under “Blog Admin,” or something like that.  I like fresh and new as much as anyone does, but I still find comfort in the familiar.

Also, I have lots of pics but I lost my cord to connect the camera to the computer…

The Knitting

On the crafting front, I’m back to knitting on a pair of socks that I started about six years ago.  One was “finished” but needs to be resized.  The other was barely started, with only the ribbing and about 1 inch of stockinette done.  I’m having fun going back to it but the first thing I found was that I am a much more relaxed knitter now.

Or should I say that the knitting is maybe the least stressful part of my life.  For instance, I am typing on the blog, which used to be a diverting creative outlet, and two 1 year olds are climbing my legs.  (Where is their dad???)  It adds an element of haste to the process.  They probably want to type.  I never let them type…

Back to the knitting, I found the project resting on four double pointed needles, size 2.  It was one of my first projects on dpns, and I was struggling with the gap that sometimes forms between the needles–a stretched looking area between the stitches of one needle and the stitches of the next one.  I must have been insecure because I was pulling the yarn really tight.  When I restarted it this week, I attempted to knit tightly to make the new knitting match the old.  However, the ankle of the sock was still belling out because of the looser tension of the new knitting.  In my toolbox I have three size 0 needles and one size 1 (I dont’ know…).  I ripped back and switched to the thinner needles and my gauge now seems to be matching up pretty well.

And the Birthday Party

We had a great time with the guests who were able to attend the twins’ party.  My mom and sister helped so much.  We had spaghetti and meatballs and carrot cupcakes.  We kept everything gluten free and grass fed for the boys.  They eat squash with their bare hands and some of us had spaghetti squash instead of pasta.  The meatball was also finger-food friendly.  The cupcakes were derived from a recipe in What to Expect the First Year and were sweetened with raisins and apple juice concentrate.  My modifications to eliminate the gluten and egg whites produced a somewhat heavy texture but they didn’t mind–it was still sweet.  (The other guests had regular carrot (cup)cakes with wheat and sugar, which my sister decorated to look like adorable little snow men).

One of the guests brought a cute puppy who was well behaved and slept a lot.  We also had balloons.  Steve found a discarded helium tank at the park and brought it home months ago, and it still had enough helium to fill up a dozen balloons and they were a hit.  Especially the one that kept sinking down to toddler level.  (When the tank was empty he cut it open to make a giant cowbell even though I told him it might explode).  I have to say, though, that the food was the highlight for the boys.  We put some of their cupcakes in the freezer for them to enjoy here and there for the next couple weeks.

The Walking

And now the big announcement:  We have two toddlers now.  Twin A has been walking since early January.  He’s still pretty shaky.  Twin B, who crawled and sat up two months before A, has been struggled to balance on his feet.  He is up on his toes too much– a common problem with preemies.  (They spend relatively less time curled up in a ball so the muscles on the back of their body have more difficulty relaxing, hence the tippy toe posture).  Ever since A started walking we have been helping B with stretches and allowing him to navigate from mom to dad.  He would get excited, get up on his toes, lean forward, veer and sometimes pivot side to side, and practically run from parent to parent.  Oso would say “Do you feel like catching [B] while he practices walking?”  He loved it though.  Yesterday he started doing this on his own.  Being caught by mom is too boring, now.  He has a quick recovery when he falls and takes off crawling again.

To contrast our two walkers, Twin A lurches along stiffly and slowly, with his arms out in a T-shape and his knees a little too straight.  But he can walk across the room.  B careens for a few steps at a run, arms up in more of a Y-formation, shrieking with excitement.  Then he veers to the side and falls.  Doesn’t seem to bother him, though.

All in all it’s been an exciting first year with the boys. B stepped on a toy drum to climb up on a chair last week.  They have learned how to guide the little push car around the living room and down the hall, they have figured out how to get on the other end and push it the other direction when it hits a wall.  I broke up the first real fight yesterday.  Someone had something and the other guy was trying to yank it out of his hands.  They were screaming at each other or at me.  I said “Let him play with that, he had it first.  You can look at it in 5 minutes.” I felt like a real mother then but I didn’t set the timer on the microwave like my mom used to do.

One of my discounted amaryllis is blooming in the window, it’s the red one.  The other one was supposed to be red and white but it went straight to the vegetative state.  If I can keep it alive we will see it bloom next winter.  We’ve had a few nice days when the boys have gotten out in the sun.  We’re thinking about starting to have a budget, which will solve our financial woes.  My husband is working on his composting hobby.  He might update his blog about the composters he has been building.  We are the only people in our apartment building with a barrel composter, a worm composter, and a clothes line out back, but you’ll have to catch that story on his blog sometime.