2013: Health, Wealth, and Happiness

by longtallyarn

Thanks, 2012, for continued good health.  It’s not guaranteed to any one and I am thankful for mine and my family’s.  We had a couple hospitalizations in 2012, but everything came out OK, including our babies.

Please, 2013, a little financial respite.  I could use a little more money or a little less month.  That’s a top need within our family and many other families this year.  Oso is looking for a few more part time hours for the evenings or weekends.  Starting today.  I can’t complain much, though.  Our family of four has been blessed with a nice little apartment, we are warm, we eat healthfully, we have two reliable vehicles— all on one full time salary that is in the environmental field almost enough every month.

Now that we have that out of the way, I was just joking about “a little less month.”  What I need is a little more month or, more precisely, a few more hours each day…

Oh, 2013, could you pass a little slower than 2012?  It’s true that 2012 brought us a lot of blessings, including twin boys, a better living situation, a number of sweet visits with our families, more time “off” than I have had in about 10 years*, a much needed transfer with my employer, and a church that we like.  However, at times I have felt that I have been barely surviving.

Time is my biggest problem.  It passes slowly by the day and quickly by the week.  In a year my kids have gone from preemies who could only wave their arms (slowly) to almost-toddlers who get around quicker than we could ask or think.  And I haven’t done anything.

Some things I’d like to do:

Exercise:  I’d like to be in good shape again.  And to fit into my pre-pregnant clothes.  I’ll need time for some activities besides sitting at my desk, in my car, and on the couch.  I want to keep going to my weekly dance class.  The best part is getting out of the house for two hours but also it makes me look feel more graceful.  And remember my poor bicycle?  The one I rode about 1000 miles in 2007 and 800 miles in 2008?  It hasn’t seen much pavement in the last couple years.

Reading:  My vocabulary is fading. Sometimes when I’m talking or writing I search for a word that has three or four syllables.  I know there is a complex word waiting that perfectly conveys my meaning but I have to use little words instead because my brain is calcified? ossified? stratified?  fried.  See what I mean?

Writing:  Once upon a time I liked to write.  I don’t do it much anymore because there’s only so much you can say about babies.  Actually, that’s the topic for which I get the most requests.**  To think this blog started out as a knitting blog!  There’s so much more material there, right?

Spiritual disciplines:  They enrich a person’s life.  I miss them, but enough to get out of bed a little earlier every morning?  It remains to be seen in twenty-thirteen.

Knitting and sewing:  Even though we have more hats and scarves than any other family south of the Mason Dixon line I still like to knit.  And there’s nothing like the feeling of making or mending something useful.  I think people should take the time to engage in a craft just for the feeling of self reliance and cleverness it gives one.

Cooking and gardening:  I now leave this to my spouse.  He’s a great cook and has an intriguing little container garden growing out on the porch, but I used to make a mean pot roast, too.  Maybe someday he’ll remind me where we keep the utensils and stuff so I can get back in the kitchen.

Music:  I’ve heard that my old piano is lying out in the snow in southern WV.  And that picture summarizes the state of my talent these days.  Think “abandonment, dereliction, waste, neglect.”  Think “out of tune.”  But I could recover.***

Playing:  Here’s what I know I will do whether I have time for anything else.  I will read more board books.  I will give more bubble baths.  I will say “Say Momma” and “Put that down, we don’t play with electrical cords” over and over again.  I will spoon-feed more squash and wipe up more bananas.  I will play trucks and build more block towers.  I will change more diapers.  I will worry about which mosquito repellent is safest for babies.  Maybe I’ll go to the zoo.

And 2013 will be a very good year.

* Note to any non-parent readers: maternity leave is not truly restful.

** To Grammy and Aunt Katie:  They’re still cute and Twin A is still about to walk and today he moved the boxes so he could squeeze through the kitchen door and Twin B was pushing a box around this morning and saying “A Wah, wah, wah, wah!” in the cutest way and today he played with the stuffed dog so he must not be afraid of it anymore.

*** My abilities, not the piano, of course.  They don’t survive being tossed off the porch very well.