What is up

by longtallyarn

Well, I guess it’s time for what has become my approximately monthly post.  I’m going to do better someday–I really do like writing.  It’s just that the days are so much the same that I don’t have much to write about that I feel would interest you– a lot of it doesn’t even interest me…

Here are the highlights, though.

The boys are growing fast and doing so well I don’t feel like I have to state their adjusted age anymore when they meet people.  I just say “10 months” unless it’s an in depth conversation.  Then I might mention “They were born 2 months early so it’s really like they’re about 8 months.”

Twin A has two teeth.  Twin B has 6.  Twin B is a really speedy crawler, having started that about 2 months before his brother, but when he stands up he is still on his tip toes.  Twin A is slower on the go but he is starting to stand up and balance on his own so he might surprise everybody and walk first.  They like to get into stuff now.  Usually Twin B leads the way.  Twin A seems to follow him around for the entertainment value of his mess making initiatives.

They are only allowed in the living room and their bedroom.  The other rooms are closed to them by doors or barricades.  They go up and down the hall, hoping, I think, to find the bathroom door open by some mischance.  Then they can go in there and slap the side of the tub and giggle until someone finds them.  (And washes their hands in case they were also playing around the commode).

They are both paci addicts.  They are constantly pulling the paci out of brother’s mouth.  For some reason they want to have one in their hand and one in their mouth.  The hoarding starts early in these parts.

I have been making some Christmas gifts.  Not as nice as the ones I have made in the past, and by that I mean I am not knitting anything except a stocking for both of my boys.  I have been doing a little painting and I am planning to get out the sewing machine next weekend.  I don’t know if I’ll do Christmas cards this year, so don’t feel obligated to send one to us 😉  If I get them out it might be after the new year starts.

After I finish everything up I’ll try to document with some photos for the blog.  Christmas is coming.