Last (wonderful) weekend

by longtallyarn

I haven’t written in a while.  It’s been a busy month or so.  We have coped with colds, working, shopping, paying bills, neighbor drama, fender bender drama, computer malfunction, etc.  We have traveled to VA to visit some dear friends, we have gone to church, worked on crafts, done a little Christmas shopping, and done our best with parenting our 9 month old twins.  It’s been busy.

The life crushing busy-ness of the last nine months is starting to let up a bit, though.  The boys are starting to play together and need Oso and I less.  This is a blessing since it lets us get a break from holding them all evening every day.  They are happier too.  I think being twins is going to be a sweet life for the boys.  They are starting to really dig it.

Last weekend my sis came to visit.  We sat around knitting and chatting about our long term and short term plans.  (I have a toboggan and two Christmas stockings on the needles, she has an organic cotton wash cloth in progress).  We took a long walk and laughed a lot.  She babysat while I went to get my hair cut.  We ate sushi….

And… took some baby pictures  The good looks of  our models approached perfection and the weather was beautiful.  We borrowed the laundry basket idea from one of my friends (Polly) and it only capsized once or twice.  My sister baby-wrangled while I took some pics with my little camera.  It was a lot of fun.  I will share  few shots here, and some I will reserve some to print later.

Tah dah!!!

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