Humor me,

by longtallyarn

It’s another post about babies.

My infants are cultivating their senses of humor.  About 2 weeks ago, when my brother’s family visited, his five year old was entertaining my almost-8-month-old.    By jumping up and down, weaving side to side, etc.  Funny stuff.  Aaron was laughing with delight at his cousin’s antics.

I didn’t think about it then but later I observed that this was the first time Aaron had laughed at a visual cue.  Both babies have long enjoyed a good chuckle when someone tickled them under the chins, but seeing the humor in the world around them?  This was a first.

This weekend I saw the other twin laughing at a visual cue.  It was cute so I’ll elaborate.

I was buttoning up Aaron’s shirt, and counting the buttons aloud, like a band leader:  “and a one, and a two, and a one, two, three.”  He thought this was pretty amusing, so I repeated the count with a little swaying side to side.  More laughter and feet kicking.

I picked up Eli and placed him in the crib as well since he had been in the living room crying and seemed to want in on whatever we were doing.

Once he joined us, Eli pulled himself up to his full height and stood by the crib rail, watching Aaron, not me.  I resumed my counting and Aaron resumed his giggling.  Each sequence of numbers produced a peal of laughter and foot stomping from Aaron.

After each outburst of giggles from his twin, Eli would laugh too.  He was laughing at his brother’s laughter.  Sometimes he would even look at me as if to let me in on the joke.  His expression said “Do you see how funny he is?”

It’s been a lot of work, but gosh it can be fun sometimes.