So big and so fast

by longtallyarn

My babies are growing up.  Yes, unbelievably, last week they turned seven months old.

Aaron is getting so big.  He’s gotten really tall, and he’s getting a little fat on his belly.  His arms are still long and lean, but he has some fat rolls on his thighs, just like his mom does 😉  He is starting to get good at rolling over now.  As a matter of fact he now needs a crib bumper because he rolls over and over and gets an arm, a foot, or even two legs stuck outside.  He can get up into the crawling pose and rock back and forth.  What he has really been honing, though, are his communication skills.  Always a strong communicator with many facial expressions, he’s now able to make a variety sounds and tones.

Eli is growing up so fast and, while still short and a little round, he’s getting to be fast.  He’s long been a rolly polly and he’s startin’ to get into stuff.  After about a month and a half of practice he was able to sit up on his own two weeks ago.  My parents were here for a visit, and he was proud to have them in the audience on Friday night when he first leaned just far enough to get both hands off the floor and didn’t overcorrect and tip.  The next day he finally figured out how to pick up one hand at a time and crawl forward.  He was so proud of what he could do; I was so proud of his perseverance. 

Tonight he pulled up for the first time.  He’s so short that he was able to pull up on his dad’s sleeve while Oso was lying on the floor chilling out with the boys.  I tried to catch it on film but he didn’t do it again right away.  A few hours later while I was sitting on the floor holding Aaron, Eli held onto my leg for balance and stood up again.  A few minutes after that he pulled up on the green arm chair.  He looked like he wanted to climb on up into the seat but then he tipped over backward and hit the ground again.  It’s hard bein’ a baby.  

Sigh.  I’m so proud of their achievements.