Knitting update and cute baby photo

by longtallyarn

I’ve finally finished Brooke’s Column of Leaves scarf.  It’s been a long, painstakingly tedious project that made me call my hobby into question.  Seriously, I started this project last summer about this time.  Of course there have been some minor distractions, but I thought I’d knit it up in a month or so and enter it in the state fair if it turned out nice.  I’m glad it’s finally done, and I have had my fill of lace weight yarn for a while.  In fact, I’m feeling uncharacteristically interested in bulky weight yarn.

Well, not really.  Thick yarn is more expensive and in my experience it fails to hold it’s shape.  Thriftiness is one thing that keeps bringing me back to lace weight yarn.  You get a similar amount of fiber, but spun out much thinner so you get many, many more yards of it. Like maybe 400 yards in a skein of lace weight compared to about 100 yards in a ball of worsted weight…

In other news we got our laptop working again by purchasing a separate keyboard for it.  We are really thankful for the continued use of this fabulous computer that was a gift from my sister.  Anyway, I was able to access our photos and found this one that I had downloaded at the time of the water glass incident but had not seen because of said incident.

I really like this photo–I’ve found it hard to take good pictures of twin babies because often they are not both smiling at the same time.  Our babies, also, become star struck, or get stage fright, when they see a camera coming their way.  The smiles disappear and what is left are blank stares, focusing on the mysterious lens, or maybe on the red flashing light.  They also clam up when you try to let them talk to Grammy on the phone.  I think they are self conscious or they have inherited their parents disinclination toward technology.  But here you see them alert, both looking the same direction, and appearing content, though perhaps curious as to the device pointed in their direction that periodically emits blinding flash of light.

It was nice to open up the photos folder and see them looking cheerful.  All four of us have been under the weather this week with a little cold so there have not been as many smiles around our house as normal.