One year ago today: Positive HPT

by longtallyarn

Yes, it was one year ago today that we took a home pregnancy test and found that we were expecting.  Just a quick rundown of events that have occurred since that day: 

  • We purchased a new-used, fuel efficient car, which turns out to be a tad too small since
  • Our ultrasound revealed that we were expecting twins
  • We began saving money as fast as we could
  • Our chosen O.B. dumped us so we started going to the high risk clinic for our obstetric care
  • The twins were revealed to be boys
  • We had two baby showers and received many wonderful wishes and gifts, including a wall of diapers
  • We experienced some preterm labor possibly triggered by the stress of traveling and
  • Decided to stay in Raleigh for Christmas
  • Oso changed jobs, found he loved catering, and began working all the overtime he could
  • Checkup on January 23 confirmed that twin B was not moving as much as he should and seemed to have some cord flow problems so
  • My parents came down to Raleigh, cleaned our house, and provided so much moral support while
  • We stayed in the hospital overnight and had a Cesarean the next morning
  • Named the babies and
  • Eli Manning won the superbowl this year so twin B’s somewhat obscure name has soared in popularity
  • Babies checked out of the NICU after a 3.5 week stay
  • Oso traded in his pickup truck for a station wagon because our small car didn’t provide enough leg room for him to drive with a rear facing car seat behind him
  • Oso’s mom and sister came to visit and help out for a week, each
  • My siblings have also visited and helped out
  • Found that my coworkers had donated me about 6 weeks of leave so I got paid for much of the time that I was off on Maternity leave
  • One twin went back to the hospital for a whole week because of an infection of his blood that he may have contracted while in the NICU
  • Much trial and error regarding two premature infants and a new mother learning to nurse, but now they are proficient feeders
  • Visited WV for 2 wonderful weeks with family 
  • Returned to work
  • Oso now home with the boys full time and feeling fulfilled by his new role
  • Moved to the other side of town
  • Boys come in every day at lunch time to nurse and be reminded who their mother is

It has been a wild ride!  I’d love to show you photos but I spilled water on the computer keyboard yesterday while jumping up to see why a baby was crying and I can’t access my saved pics.