Dear Senator

by longtallyarn

I am a constituent who voted for you and I am disappointed that you opposed the farm bill.  Specifically I was hoping to see the Sanders Amendment passed.  I feel that Americans should be able to get information about the source of their food–particularly whether foods contain genetically modified ingredients.  I feel the USDA, FDA, and EPA are failing to protect us by introducing foods that have not been adequately tested into our food supply.  Our legislature and regulatory agencies appear to be allowing Monsanto and their lobbyists to dictate their policies and it reeks of corruption.  I was hoping the Sanders amendment would be a step towards being informed about the source of the groceries I buy.  I do not want healthy choices legislated, I just want information.  I have agreed with you on many issues but I am sorry to hear from your email update that you do not believe Americans should have information about their food choices.