by longtallyarn

This weekend we’ve passed two milestones.  Or maybe three if you include last weeks’ sleeping through the night.  (Much rejoicing!)

The first milestone of the weekend was that I picked up knitting needles for the first time since the babies were born.  On Saturday evening while the boys rested and did other things like look at their hands and feet I was able to knit a couple inches on a scarf.  I still remember how to knit and it was wonderful.

The other milestone was that the boys have outgrown big-people church.  That’s right.  They are going to have to use the nursery if we want to keep attending.  For the last month or so we have all gone to adult church.  Aaron and Eli rode in their bjorns and slept quietly through the service.

This marks the last day we will trust them to do that.  Aaron fussed and went to the back of the church with his dad.  He doesn’t like loud noises and begins to feel anxious when voices like our pastor’s are amplified.

Eli stayed up front with me, where he immediately got out of the bjorn.  He pretended that he wanted to lean up against me and nap, that he just couldn’t get his legs positioned comfortably in the carrier, etc.  But as soon as he was free he stood up on my lap, looking over my shoulder, and did his surfer maneuver, weaving to and fro with deep knee bends, charming the left and right sides of the aisle, alternately.  Fortunately we were near the front of a full house so he had a great audience for his antics.

Then he began to stand on one foot and then the other, smiling and pirouetting like an Olympic skater.  Or considering the fact that he was hiccuping loudly and drooling just a bit, maybe you would say he was leering and swaying like a drunken sailor.

To end his performance he started to coo, at first quietly, and then at volumes rivaling the amplified preaching, as his mood (and probably that of our neighbors) began to sour.  He refused his pacifier and started looking like he might cry so I decided to do the walk of shame.  “Excuse me, pardon me, sorry but we need to leave early.”

When we reached the entry way of the church we found Aaron and Oso, engrossed in a conversation with one of the greeters.  Oso told me later that the man and his wife had been expecting a baby due just two days after our babies.  Their baby had simply stopped moving in the eighth month and been miscarried.  Eli’s movements had slowed down in the eighth month of our pregnancy but our twins were delivered by cesarean, eight weeks early.  It reminds me of what a blessing it is to have two healthy babies.  That family has been in our thoughts often this afternoon.

After church we inquired about letting the twins attend the infant nursery sometime soon.  We will also ask the pediatrician about letting them mingle with other babies, a thing we had earlier been advised not to do because of their preemie vulnerability to germs.  Once the babies start going downstairs, we should probably volunteer some time each month to make up for dumping offset the care of our infant twins for a couple hours each week.  I have a feeling we’ll achieve the nursery milestone soon.