Baby reflections

by longtallyarn

My favorite photo so far, taken the day the boys were discharged from the NICU.

I haven’t had time to write recently because our babies were born.  They were born unexpectedly at 32 weeks gestational age.  Babies ought to gestate for 40 weeks so ours had a few issues due to being premature.

I have started to write post about their birth and perhaps in the future I will have time to create an abridged version.  Things didn’t go quite the way I had hoped, with the prematurity, the unexpected Cesarean delivery, the fact that our boys spent over three weeks in the NICU, and the fact that our smaller twin is back in the hospital for treatment of an infection in his blood.

I wrote this draft one week after the babies were born and while they were still in the NICU.  I’ve just found enough time to share it with you now.


Today I went to the NICU to visit with my little ones.  I got to help take Twin B’s vitals and change his diaper.  Both boys are growing and making progress toward less monitoring and fewer interventions.  AND, the prospect of coming home to be with me and their dad.  I am looking forward to assuming more of their care.

When we found out the twins were boys I was very disappointed.  I had been anticipating a little girl so much that I mourned her loss.  Now, when I think of the babies, I can’t imagine being happier with a little girl than I am with the two little men.  It just seems right.

And when I look at them, I think they are beautiful.  I guess this is a parental trait hard-wired into our genetic code, or a gift from God to babies.  Because when I honestly assess them, I know they have double chins, no teeth, and very little hair.  Their eye lashes are so thin they might as well have none.  One baby has little rolls of fat.  The other has really skinny legs.  But every time I look at them I am just totally taken by their beauty.

Twin A was dreaming baby dreams today.  He was alternating between a smile and pucker that I would realistically call a fish-face.  And I thought he looked like an angel.