Making Sweaters and Babies

by longtallyarn

sweaters for Aaron and Eli

Two Little Cardigans

I made these baby sweaters over the past few months.  I have not had much time to make cute little things, but these are my major creations.  The cranberry colored sweater is from a pattern I found in Knitting in Plain English, a book  by Maggie Righetti.  It was a well written pattern, intended to teach pattern reading and sweater design basics.  I personalized it by adding antler cables to the front and back.  I was pleased with the finished product.

The oatmeal colored sweater is from a pattern I found on Ravelry.  I was a bit disappointed by the outcome, particularly with how the cables ended at the underarm.  I think they look like they should twist one more time before ending, and their appearance leaves the impression that they were poorly planned.  Here are Ravelry links to the sweaters:  Cranberry sweater, Oatmeal sweater.

I had returned Righetti’s book to the library before I found out we were expecting twins and I needed make another sweater of the same size.  I measured the first sweater and studied a size chart to find the age of baby it should fit.  I found a pattern for a baby of that age, and using the same brand of yarn in a different color, knitted a swatch, checked my gauge, and made another sweater.  Only it didn’t knit up quite the way I had intended.  The second sweater appears quite a bit larger than the first.   In fact the oatmeal sweater measures about 20% larger than the cranberry sweater.

Which was a serendipitous outcome.

30 Week Ultrasound

We had our third major ultrasound today.  At our first ultrasound Baby A was 10% larger than Baby B.  At our second ultrasound A was 20% larger than B.  Today, A was 25% larger than B.  Almost perfect for the sweaters, providing they don’t grow into the sweaters in the middle of the summer…

Anyway, we had been concerned about the babies’ size difference.  We envisioned the poor little twin being kicked around in utero by his hefty brother.  Our obstetrician assured us that if Baby B (whom we are now calling “Eli” just to try it on for size) wasn’t growing well enough inside we could just get the babies out early so he can grow on the outside.  To me, this sounded easier said than done, and I mentioned that idea to the ultrasound technician today.

The technician laughed a little before explaining that Eli is not failing to thrive.  He is in the 46th percentile, at 2 lb 15 oz if the ultrasound estimate is correct.  What’s happening is that Aaron (the name we are trying for Baby A) is thriving very well, in the 91st percentile at around 4 lb.

I asked the tech if Eli would eventually catch up with Aaron or if he is just destined to be the little guy.  The technician responded that Eli is not going to be “the little guy,” he is going to be “the average guy.”

We are relieved to know that the babies’ growth rates are “average” and better than average, although I feel some trepidation about giving birth to a baby who is in the 91st size percentile.  Twins are supposed to be born smaller than single babies, aren’t they?

We were also told that in another two weeks the babies’ lungs will be pretty much ready to breathe, so we are soon to leave the fears about premature baby complications behind us.  The tech indicated that time spent in gestation beyond 32 weeks is just a bonus.  I can’t remember his exact words.  Something about “after that it’s cake,” or “piece of cake,” or “icing on the cake.”  I’m sure he is exaggerating about the cake.  He is used to reassuring the kind of parents that have to use the high risk clinic.  But it was still good to hear.

We have another ultrasound scheduled in 4 weeks.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers.  I’ll keep you posted.