Pregnancy Pros and Cons

by longtallyarn

The belly:  Having to reach around it to tie my shoes would be a negative.  Having people tell me I look great even though I’m 30 pounds overweight is kinda nice.  And there’s the novelty of creating new lives right in the vicinity of one’s navel.

The light duty at work:   Definitely more of a negative.  It’s boring to have less to do.

The preferential treatment:  However, being treated like a princess has it’s good points.  People help me whenever there is something to be lifted.  I’m not expected to walk up and down stairs or long distances now that I have that new note from my doctor.  Also, I’ve heard that The Dragon, head of maintenance, told all the maintenance staff that he’d better not catch them using the ladies’ restroom.  The only ladies’ room at work is near the maintenance garage.  There are no women in maintenance, but half the time I tried to go to the ladies’ room the door was locked… hhmm.  The Dragon has a reputation for being unapproachable, and we have never developed a friendship, but now the door is always unlocked on the ladies’ room.

The extra help at home:  Oso is even more helpful with cooking and cleaning than usual.  It’s nice to have the house cleaner and hot meals without me doing anything extra.

The carpal tunnel syndrome:  Is a nuisance.  I still need to obtain that splint but not sure it will really help.  Today it seems worse than ever, and I haven’t done any knitting since last Friday.

The baby showers:  Made me feel loved.  My sister-in-law, sister, mother-in-law, and mother all worked to throw beautiful parties with delicious snacks in honor of my babies, and by extension, me.

The side-sleeping:  Makes my shoulders and hip hurt.  It doesn’t actually keep me awake.  It keeps Oso awake, though, because periodically I turn over, with much pillow rearranging and sniffling.

The congestion:  Yes, it’s a pregnancy symptom.  I have been told that my snoring/sniffling/nose-blowing is worse than my rolling over and pillow rearranging.

The excitement:  The excitement and encouragement of others is helping to carry me through my own apprehension.  Sometimes I even feel excited, but when I don’t it’s nice to be a part of a community and family that reassure me that I will be a good mother even though I don’t really feel maternal yet.