Second Trimester Update

by longtallyarn

This morning Oso and I took our twins for another OB appointment.  There are still two of them, and their heart beats sound normal and the doctor was pleased with them.

There was some disappointing news for me, however.  I will be on even lighter duty at work for the next week because the sporadic contractions I have been experiencing have caused a small amount of dilation of my cervix.

I have noticed contractions over the past few days, more while we were traveling for the holidays than in the preceding weeks, especially concentrated in the evenings, and during the walks that I have been taking after dinner for exercise.  Last night I had four to five contractions in about 25 minutes while Oso and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood.

I did not go to the hospital because they stopped immediately upon returning to the living room couch, and because I had a doctor appointment the next morning at 7:45 am.

The Nurse Practitioner said that contractions are not out of the ordinary at 24 weeks.  They are also more common after dinner, in the evenings, and while exercising.  She told me to take it easy this week.  No more walks after work, and to be sure to stay even more hydrated, as dehydration causes contractions.  She sent me a note for my boss that says I am not to stand or walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.

She said that at my next ultrasound, which is scheduled a little later this week they can scope out the dilation more precisely and allow further recommendations.

She asked if I was having any other problems, and I replied that my wrist was hurting a little, but that was unrelated to the pregnancy.  She responded that it was related.  She said carpal tunnel syndrome is in the top four complaints of pregnancy.  I am to get a splint to wear at night.  I may take a short sabbatical from knitting to see if that helps at all.   My apologies to any one who was to receive a knitted gift from me for your baby shower or for Christmas, as this may set me back a little.

And speaking of holidays,  riding in the car for hours is also thought to trigger contractions so traveling up north is probably going to be out of the question this year.

This was not the best appointment we have had, but I’m glad that my health care team is keeping an eye on me, and trying to keep the babies healthy.  Taking it easy is not easy, but it’s not the worst thing, and I’m glad I have a doc, or actually, a Nurse Practitioner, to advise me about what I must do.