Potluck Dinner and a Story about the Fair

by longtallyarn

We had a party last night.  My husband and I had invited our local friends.  Mine were unable to attend, but several of Steve’s friends and one neighbor attended.  We served burgers and cheesy cornbread.  Guests brought cheese cracker snacks, homemade soup, cake, and beer.  The food was all delicious.

We displayed about a dozen of Steve’s paintings, some of which we gave away to guests, as we are trying to free up some space in the “baby room” which is now being used to store equipment for our hobbies.  We had some drumming and made some other music, involving mandolin, guitar, and banjo.

Our next-door neighbor, Mart, came over to visit.  The NC state fair is now underway, and he told us a story from his childhood, over 50 years ago, when he went to the fair with his family.  I’d like to share that story with you.

Mart said they went before the fair started in the hopes of getting some work setting up tents.  His family was hired to set up the tent for the fat lady.  They wouldn’t hire him because they said he was too little.

When the fat lady arrived she asked him what he was doing and he told her he hadn’t been chosen to work.  She said he could do some work for her.

Her husband had just gotten his brand new car off the train and taken it to the store where he bought her 8 bags of candy so she could keep her weight up.  She had my neighbor unload the candy from the car and do a few other things for her.

He had told her that he didn’t want to work for her, because he wanted to be paid, like the rest of his family.  She said “They’re not going to make what I’m going to pay you.”

The other members of his family only earned $20 apiece for their work setting up the tent, but she paid Mart $80.  She also gave him some of her candy and a few tickets for rides.