1st trimester: Yes, we are pregnant.

by longtallyarn

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and have been sitting on it, but here is an account of the first trimester of the most intense creative endeavor of my life.

My doc told me last October that if we wanted to have children we should think about doing it sooner rather than later.  I have a health condition and I am 32, so she wanted me to know that waiting longer was not necessarily better, at this point.

I weighed the pros and cons for about 8 months.  I have never been very maternal.  I like my life the way it is, so it seemed a little reckless to make big change like this.  There’s never a perfect time for this kind of thing, financially.

But by May I had decided that it didn’t feel right to never have a child.

So I told my husband that I might like to try to conceive, and that if I was going to, I’d prefer to do so before August so that I would not have to be pregnant in the summer.  Raleigh is hot.

Oso wasn’t quite ready for this in May.  By June he had had some time to think about it for himself, and we decided to try.  In July we took a home pregnancy test because the calendar told us pregnancy was a possibility.  The pregnancy test confirmed that we had conceived.

I did some internet research, selected and OB, and made appointment for some time in our 7th week.  At the appointment I had my first ultrasound.

The doc said “This is interesting.”  I said “What’s interesting?”  She said “Two.  That’s one of them and there’s the other.”  So the specialist scheduled me an appointment with more of a specialist–someone to discuss my health condition, diet, and pending birth of twins.

It’s a good thing Oso was sitting down when I showed him the ultrasound photo and explained “here’s that one, and here’s the other.”

We had our second ultrasound at 8 weeks.  There were still two of them in there.  They appeared to be the right size, their spinal tubes were almost all closed up, and their heart beats sounded healthy to the technician.  To me their heart beats sounded really fast.  Approximately 170 bpm.  They were chugging along.  Ultrasounds are amazing and more fun than I would have thought.  And we have been told we will have many of them.

I will keep you posted.