Brooke’s Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf

by longtallyarn

I found this pattern via Ravelry.  I was looking for something to make with my bison-wool blend yarn.  I was looking for something lacy but not too holey and snag-able.  More specifically, I needed a diminutive pattern that would make the small amount of lace-weight yarn I had purchased this summer for almost twenty dollars in a moment of fiber-fair induced irrationality go further.

So, this is Saturday and I am off work.  I can sit on my couch, in my relatively clean house (thank you, husband), drink tea, and knit the scarf.  I’m planning to listen to Vivaldi or Bach, and feel a sense of orderliness as I work row-by-row.

The designer says the pattern is easy to learn, but I find it complex enough that I need to refer back to it for each row.

Life is so busy sometimes, and it’s nice to take a little time to just sit down and do something that allows one’s mind to wander but not too far.