musings on work at the plant

by longtallyarn

For reasons of which some of you may be aware, I will be looking for a new job.  It will happen sooner or later:  I will find something better, or higher paying at least, and quit this one.

Sometimes when you work somewhere for a while you can’t wait to leave certain aspects of it.  For instance, it really gets on my nerves when someone beeps me on the radio to ask me an inane question that has nothing to do with me.  “Have you seen Nate?”   “You mean I had to take my gloves off and remove my earplugs for that?  No, I haven’t seen him.  I’m working, not visiting.

That kind of thing I won’t mind leaving behind.  I like to focus on one task until it’s done and I don’t really like being interrupted.

I also won’t mind leaving behind the hot weather and the fact that I have to be out in it, sweating buckets.  In Raleigh we have a heat advisory just about every day.  When summer first starts you can take it easy on the hot days, do some cleaning inside, etc.  But once it’s 100 degrees every day for a month this doesn’t work anymore.  There are things that have to be done, and employees are paid to be out there doing them.

Today was a nicer day, though.   The weather was mild.  87, I think, and in the afternoon I was driving down the road in the golf cart after judging sludge blankets in the clarifiers.  My sweat was drying as I coasted along at between five and ten miles per hour.  I looked over to the right, and there was a moth, or a brown butterfly, I’m not sure which, keeping pace with me and flying right beside me.  Beyond the butterfly I could see our 48-inch air line, painted kelly green, and beyond that I could see corn tassels and tree tops.  It flew with me until I took the curve and it kept flying straight.

Some things about this job I will miss.