Life Update

by longtallyarn

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, of course I’m in a creative mood, but no finished projects to report.  In case anyone was wondering, here’s a run down of some of the things on my mind, in no particular order.

It’s officially summer here in Raleigh.  We know for sure it’s summer because it is hot.  Today 95ish, tomorrow 100.  Hoping to be given an assignment in the shade tomorrow at work, because the sun is a killer.

Except for the weather in Raleigh, the last few weeks have been great!  First my sister and my friend, Anna, came to visit.  We had a great time seeing the sights, taking a jewelry making class, having a tea party, hanging out in the air conditioning, etc.  Then last week Oso and I went on vacation at the beach.  I had a wonderful time with my whole family, including mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews.  I enjoyed getting to know the nephews better.  They are growing up so fast.

My sis is looking for a job, and, selfishly, I hope she doesn’t find one in her hometown.  Because that means she might find one near me.  I have urged her to look at my local market because there are health-care jobs aplenty in the Triangle.

I’m working on  several baby gifts for several friends.  They’re all in a partially-finished state now.  When I finally post the photos I may not yet be able to tell you whose is whose, fair reader.  I really enjoy making baby stuff because the small size makes the garments finish faster.  I can’t make a sweater for myself in a week, that’s for sure, but there are a lot less stitches in a sweater for a baby.  Or a for guinea pig, but they won’t keep their arms in the sleeves (sigh).

I’m cooking wild rice for dinner this evening.  I got a good deal on a few pounds of it from a local co-op.  This batch is going to be plain because it’s the first time I’ve tried it but I’ve scoped out some good sounding recipes.  Velvety Wild Rice and Leek Soup, anyone?  Wild rice is very aromatic.  Oso says it smells like tea.

We’re still in the car market.  We’re probably shooting for a Civic with four doors.  I may have a buyer for my Jeep, so it’s time to find something to buy, right?  It’s been hard to find something with low enough miles for a low enough cost.  An added complication is that we can only car shop on Tuesdays because I have exercise class on Mondays and Steve drums on Wednesdays and Thursdays and my loan officer (through the credit union) is unavailable on weekends and evenings.

Speaking of my exercise class,  I’m taking belly dancing, Raqs Sharki, or The Dance of the East.  It’s easy, which is fine since I’m actually getting enough exercise at work.  Try wrangling a fire hose all afternoon.  It will build your muscles and wear you down.  I’m mostly taking the class to meet some friends and feel a little more graceful.  The Dance of the East is historically about women having fun together in community.  Unfortunately, because it’s summer the class is really small so the making friends aspect may fail, but maybe in the fall it will pick up and I will take Class 2.