quiet evening

by longtallyarn

I’m at home with my thoughts this evening.  Well, my thoughts and my hobbies, I guess.  Steve is at drum circle even though the weather is really too hot.  I’ve been at work all day and have had enough heat, so I stayed home.  In my house where it is cool.  Well, actually it’s a balmy 84 degrees, which counts as cool around here.  We turn on the AC at 85.

I’m ruminating on my car situation.  My faithful Cherokee, which has served me well since 2003, has needed three repairs in the last week.  Thanks to the Jeep, I have waited for a ride at Walmart three times in the last three days.  Monday when the belt seized while I was there shopping, Tuesday when the mechanic drove me there to look at the problem and dropped me off, and today when I had my carpool leave me there so I could buy a calculator before Steve came to pick me up.  Have I racked up some bad karma somewhere???

To be fair, I have invested very little in Jeep maintenance since I bought it.  I have changed the oil and the air filter regularly, but not much else.  And for a long time it ran fine.  The current problems are almost like cosmetic issues.  The driver window hasn’t rolled down for 2 years.  My second air conditioner just quit.  A few intermittent electrical problems–ongoing.  Then last week my brake line rusted out, and this week a bearing seized which ruined the belt and now the water pump is leaking.

I think I’m going to trade it.  After I shell out about $500 dollars to get it running well enough to sell.  I should be back on the road tomorrow or the next day.  My mechanic friend at work is taking care of it this evening and probably tomorrow evening.

I’m planning to go to the fuel efficiency end of the spectrum.  I’m looking at a Honda Fit or maybe a VW Golf, if I can find a diesel model for a good price.  Now that I have studied my automotive interests on Craigslist and Autotrader.com I am going to read some knitting books.

Polly sent me, for my birthday, The Knitter’s Book of Wool:  The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Using, and Loving this Most Fabulous Fiber, summed up here by the author.  I’m getting ready to start Chapter 3, and looking forward to learning a little more about sheep.