Blue elephant with green trim

by longtallyarn

I was browsing knitty one day and found a pattern for a stuffed elephant, which looked irresistible to me.  I NEEDED to knit this critter, but since I’m in my 30s I couldn’t knit it for myself.  So I set out to knit it for my young nephew.  As knitting often goes, I was interested for about a week, enough to buy the yarn and start the project, and then lost interest the next week, enough to let the whole thing rest in a drawer for awhile.  Then I worked on a bunch more projects, finishing some, and not finishing others.  Then I set down an ultimatum for myself.  Finish these projects or don’t start any more.  Finally, I have finished this elephant.  Young nephew is now too old to enjoy a stuffed animal,  and prefers trucks (toy trucks—it hasn’t been in the drawer that long).  But maybe another young niece or nephew will present herself or himself if I bide my time, so I will let the elephant again rest in the drawer until called upon.

While the pattern was cleverly designed and written, there was one major change in the way I put it together.  The whole elephant is stuffed with polyester stuffing, but the legs must be stuffed solidly in order for the elephant to stand.  Instead of the suggested material, I used denim.  Polly and Oso had both suggested denim, and since Oso had volunteered some old pieces of jeans, I decided to try it.  I cut pieces about 18 inches long and a couple inches wider than the elephant legs are tall, put some polyester stuffing on one end, and rolled them up like burritos.  I inserted the leg burritos into the legs of the elephant, extending up into where the elephant’s shoulders and hips would be to make it sturdier, and trimmed off any excess at the end.  Then I sewed the bottoms of the feet on.   I liked the trim suggested in the pattern, but when I started stitching the blanket stitching around the feet I didn’t like the effect.  My elephant has rounded feet, and straight line around the bottom looked silly.  So I blanket stitch trimmed just the ears.  Tada… elephant finished.  Now what do I want to make next?