New Rental Ramblings

by longtallyarn

Deep inside the inner belt line.  Star-date 3-19-11.
Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for:  We have now been in our new place for about a week.  And the curtains are not yet up.  Well, some curtains and assorted drapes found in the attic at our last place have been put up in the windows, but I have not had any time for sewing in the last week, so the ones I’m making are still in a box.
We got rid of our recliner yesterday for $10.  A man came with his eight year old little boy to pick it up.  He didn’t even need to try it.  He said it would be better than nothing…  He said they had just gotten rid of all their furniture because of bedbugs.  Did you know that if you have bedbugs in your house they cannot be chemically exterminated?  Apparently they can only be killed by hiring someone to come in and heat the house to 200 degrees or else cool it to extreme cold.  He said it was easier to just get rid of the furniture.  It was then that I noticed his son was touching our couch.  The one I want to keep.  So I began to try to hurry them out the door.  As I did this, the son sort of lounged across the duffle bag on the couch containing my husband’s drum.  Aggghh!  I opened the door and asked Steve and the man if they could carry it by themselves.  The son followed me and remarked that he had seen a bed bug last night.  His father said, “no, they’re gone.  You didn’t see one last night.” And they continued this conversation as they went out with the recliner.
I’ve got my fingers crossed that the father is right.
Anyway, someone might come and look at our washing machine today.  The washer hook-ups are in the bathroom, and the bathroom doorway is 24 inches across.  Our washer is something like 27 inches.  We’re going to try to get an apartment model so we won’t have to use the Laundromat.  But until the old washer is removed from the living room I will not be able to set up my sewing machine where I want it.  And I will not be able to get on with the curtains.
We’ve got a few boxes in a corner filled with gently-to-well-used items that we may try to sell in a porch sale next weekend.  We’re working toward getting all our things unpacked so we can know if there’s anything else we might want to sell.  We’re going to lighten the load of hobby equipment that no longer holds our interests and a little bit of clothing and a couple of dishes.  No, mom, I’m not selling the “fine china” yet.
Anyway, hopefully next week I will get the curtains finished and we will have tetrised all the furniture into the proper places.  Unless we get the bedbug infestation we will have a guest room set up shortly after that, so we welcome any of you readers (whom I assume are only my friends) to come by for a visit.  I’m hoping to see my sister soon.  It’s peaceful here, so far, and the weather is nice.  80s are projected for today, and I’m going to drink tea on the porch after I straighten it up a bit.  I will be using the fine china.