Dear Michelle

by longtallyarn

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

I want to thank you for devoting your time and focus to the need for more balanced nutrition in the U.S.

I know that you are fighting for more accurate and meaningful labeling of our foods, particularly the nutritional labeling of processed foods.  However, I would like you to consider another aspect of our food supply.  I feel that Americans should be able to determine whether the vegetables we buy have been genetically modified beyond the age-old and time-tested methods of plant breeding.

For instance, I have heard that it is nearly impossible to buy non-GMO corn or soy products, but I don’t know if this is true and would prefer to see an indication on the label.  And when I am standing in the aisle looking at rice, I would like to be able to scan the label and make a more informed decision.

Genetically modified foods have, in several proven cases, produced allergic reactions in people who have ingested them.  I think that the rising percentage of children with food allergies suggests that more caution should be taken.  My own sensitivity to foods containing wheat and other grains developed around the time that genetic modification began to be more common-place in the American food supply.

Other nations have adopted a much slower course for the introduction of genetically modified foods to their diets.  In some countries the food supply is protected by either laws that do not allow genetic manipulation of plants that will be used for food, or by cautionary labeling of foods that have been genetically modified.  However, it is difficult for concerned Americans to choose foods that do not contain GMOs because of loose labeling laws.

I ask you to help Americans to puchase groceries with confidence by advocating for laws that require the clear labeling of genetically modified foods.

Thank you,
The Long Tall Yarn

JK.  I signed the real email with my real name.  But I did send this email to the first lady today.  A while back I sent a similar email to President Obama but he did not respond, and I don’t think he has had time to consider my request.

Ms. Obama, however,  has made food a focus of her time in the White House and has even spearheaded a presidential initiative that seeks to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. She has an organic vegetable garden at the White House, which provides food for the First Family and learning opportunities for selected students from the DC area who tour the garden and kitchen.

I read up on how to send the first lady a letter or an email.  On the Contact the White House form, I filled out the required contact information and chose “The First Family” as the subject line of the email so that she would get the email.

I would also like to send the first lady an email regarding the use of antibiotics and hormones on livestock intended for human consumption, but I decided to save this email for another day since I don’t want my letter to be too long or complex.  I know she’s smart, but she’s also busy 😉

I hope she will hear me, I’ll let you know if she writes back.