by longtallyarn

I knit lace.  I’m constructing a periwinkle colored project that will be a scarf or shawl, depending on its dimensions after it is blocked.  Knitted lace is an art form, and this piece is going to be beautiful once it’s finished.  The yarn is a two-ply alpaca wool blend, which I think was marketed by Knitpicks as Alpaca Cloud.  The finished garment will, indeed, be cloudlike.  It’s so delicate, light, and, well, lacy. 


I work in wastewater, but while I’m at work I think about the lace.  I anticipate going home and creating a few more square inches of lace.  The center panel is finished, and now I’m knitting a lace border around it that will prevent it from rolling up around the edges.  I’m not obsessed with it, I just enjoy the creative process, and can’t wait until I can wear this scarf/shawl. 

periwinkle lace project underway

Scum floating on an aeration basin


Also, while at work, I amuse myself by juxtaposing the  ornamental beauty and delicacy of the project I’m assembling at home with the utilitarian efficiency of the projects I facilitate at the plant.


During the day, while I draw grease off the primary sludge settling basin, while I hose down the scum concentrator, while I measure the sludge depth in the clarifier, while I look at the mesmerizing brown bubbles in the aeration basin, while I wash around the sludge press with a fire hose, I think about the lace. 

And the lightness and airiness of the lace.  And it’s pale purple (or is it blue?) feminine color.  I imagine wearing the lace and compare in my mind whether it would best be complimented by a purple, blue, or black shirt.  And I look at my steel toed boots and, although I like my job pretty well, I think about coming home to the lace.