Peanut Butter Bars IV by Jessie

by longtallyarn

Today I baked Peanut Butter Bars IV, by Jessie, featured on  It’s not gluten free, but I wanted to send some cookies to a loved one, and they sounded great (and easy).  I decided to double the recipe because I have a loved one right here at home who frequently bakes for me and does not require gluten free food.  He’ll be appreciative I’m sure.
For some reason, even though I was doubling, I mixed the ingredients in two bowls instead of mixing once and splitting it later.  Then I got fancy and decided to get out my hand mixer, a decision which is always a prelude to frustration.  The cord won’t let it sit still where i put it and it knocks things over as it moves about the baking space.  Like usual, I used big shallow mixing bowls in the early phases of the endeavor instead of the deep, tall one that came with the mixer, so cookie dough made splatter art on my counter and backsplash (or at least I call it a backsplash for obvious reasons).  I didn’t have the butter warm enough, and now that we are lacking a microwave I decided the best thing to do would be to put each bowl in the preheating oven for a few minutes to warm the butter.  Which I did, one at a time while I was working measuring and adding to the alternating bowls.  (That’s one thing that worked pretty well).

Now comes the mystery.  The texture of each cookie batch was different.  The first seemed granular and coarse.  Sugary.  The other became very creamy as I mixed it.  This unnerved me a little as I mixed up the second batch.  I kept wondering if I had left something out of either first batch.  I have very little baking experience, but I eventually told myself that since the butter was softened for different amounts of time the differing meltiness of the butter could explain the difference in dough (or in the second case, batter) texture.  I’ve heard that the state of the butter makes a big difference in real cookies…

They certainly look different prior to baking.  In about 20 minutes we’ll see if it makes the cookies look different after baking.  In about 40 minutes my loved one in residence will be able to tell me how they differ in edibility.  And we will send the best ones to the distant loved ones by mail.